How to Play Bingo

In the United States, Bingo is deemed to be the game of chance where each player matches the numbers arranged on their cards with the numbers that the host of the game randomly draws. This way they mark the chosen number with tiles. Whenever the player finds the chosen numbers arranged properly in a same row on their card, they call out Bingo! This is called in order to make the other players aware of a winning card. The host of the game then examines the card to verify the win. Once there is a winner, the players clear the number cards and begin another new game.

Now that you’ve shown interest in this game, you ought to learn and tips and tricks of this game so that you can soon become an ace Bingo player. We will discuss few of the strategies and techniques of the game that are shared by experts and professional gamers.


Setting up a round of Bingo

  • Get a minimum of 1 scorecard for each player

The Bingo scorecards have 25 numbered random squares on them and the word ‘Bingo’ is written on top of each. You have the goal of covering 5 of the squares either in a horizontal or vertical or a diagonal row. Bingo scorecards are available online at the hobby store.

  • Explain how the letter-number combination works in Bingo

In the basic Bingo game, there are 75 letter-number combinations. Each combination of letter-number corresponds to a square on the scorecards. Among all the numbers in the ‘B’ column on the scorecard, they will relate to the ‘B’ letter-number combinations. In case the player selects B-9, you have to watch out for the ‘9’ square in the ‘B’ column.

  • Select a player who will be the caller

The caller is the person who reads out the numbers and letters that will tell which squares are to be covered on each player’s scorecards. The caller will still have the chance of playing the game with the others. In case of a Bingo hall game, there is a designated caller already.

  • Pass the scorecards to all players

Remember that each of the players should get at least 1 scorecard though they may use more than 1 scorecard. When you play with more than one scorecard, this boosts your chances of winning the game. However, it also gets trickier as you have to keep a tab on more squares.

  • Distribute a pile of Bingo chips to the players

The Bingo chips are those things that the player uses to over the squares that are there on their scorecards. Any small thing may work as Bingo chips as long as they fit into the squares. You can use coins, poker chips or small pieces of paper as chips.

  • Give the caller the numbers and letters in the game

These numbers and letters are to be written down on small pieces of paper and folded. You may also use the Bingo balls which have numbers and letters on them. They just require corresponding to the numbers and letters on the scorecards.


  • Ask the caller to read out the combination of letter-number

The caller should get a letter-number combination randomly and read it out loud. He should call out this combination a number of times so that everyone can listen to it. On the contrary, if you are playing Bingo with words or pictures rather than the number-letter combinations, let the caller read the word loudly or describe the picture.

  • Put a chip on your scorecard if you have the number or letter

Once the caller reads the letter-number, quickly check the scorecard to see whether you have the number and letter that he called. In case you do, place a chip on that square. When the caller says G-46, look for the number 46 in ‘G’ column. Don’t do anything if you don’t have the number and letter that is called out.

  • Keep playing until a player gets 5 chips in a row

Make the caller call out continuously various combinations of numbers and letters. Players have to keep placing chips on the squares on the scorecard whenever the caller calls out the combinations. When a player has 5 covered squares in a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal row, he wins.

  • Shout out ‘Bingo!’ when you have 5 squares covered

When you get covered all your 5 squares, yell ‘Bingo’ so that the other players get to know that you’ve won it. As soon as someone calls out ‘Bingo’, the caller will stop calling out further combinations of letter-number. If more than 1 player calls out ‘Bingo’, all of them win the game.

  • Make everyone clear their scorecards after a player wins

As soon as someone shouts out ‘Bingo’, he wins that round. The other players should take off all their chips from their scorecards. When you begin a new game, the scorecard should be clean apart from the chip that lies in the center of the free space.

  • Mix the combinations of number-letter for another game

When you wish to begin a new game of Bingo, the caller will again have to mix and shuffle the combinations of letter-number that they called in the last game. This mixing can be done in a bowl or bucket or even in the spinner that they were using. Don’t start a new game without jumbling up the letter-number combinations.

While playing Bingo, you may feel confused while having to keep up with the caller and also remembering to check your card patterns at the same time. Beginners often get a bingo but don’t realize it because they fail to match up with the pace of the game. This happens because their card is so filled that they’re not able to check out the pattern. So, if you’re a beginner, predaub all the squares which you don’t require. There are certain games where all of these spaces don’t matter.

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