How to Win the Lottery

Who doesn’t dream of winning a lottery some day? Have you been thinking to yourself whether or not there will ever come a day when you too will be able to get hold of a mammoth amount of money? Well, winning a jackpot amount in lottery is not just based on luck but you also need to apply the correct strategies for winning the price. There are definitely few techniques that you need to master in order to be able to crack the jackpot!

Truth be told, there is no surefire secret or trick that you can apply for winning a lottery. People who have won the lottery more than once have also reported that there is a mixture of few strategies that you can try to boost your chances of winning? Would you like to get hold of those strategies? Read on.

Winning a lottery – What are your chances?

If you want to know about your chances of winning a lottery, you would first have to know how lotteries work. Firstly, you have to purchase a lotto ticket that has a specific set of numbers. You have to select the numbers that are based on a definite range of numbers from the lottery to which you’re joining. You will randomly select those numbers.

In an event where your numbers happen to match with the winning number, you win the lottery amount. You can also grab a smaller prize if few of the numbers match with the jackpot numbers. The prize that you win will depend on the number of tickets that have a winning number. In case two of you win the same number, you’ll require sharing the jackpot prize into half.

Expert tips to enhance your chances of winning a lottery

Wouldn’t you like to follow few strategies that can improve your chances of winning the lottery? Here are few tips that you can take into account:

  • Keep buying more tickets

This has only one downside to this – you will require spending loads of money in order to be able to win one prize. There are times when the jackpot amount won’t be able to compensate the huge investment that you’ve done on buying tickets. This was proven by a firm in Australia who tried this trick in a local lottery. However, at the same time, purchasing more tickets will also heighten the chances of winning a jackpot.

  • Form a lottery syndicate to gain money from lottery players

This means you gain more tickets and lottery numbers and hence you’ll have better chances of winning the amount. The downside to this strategy is that you’ll have to share the jackpot amount with other players. Would you complain if you win an amount of $500 million and then have to divide it among 10 players? Bet you wouldn’t! So, play a lottery syndicate to raise your likelihood of winning.

  • Refrain from selecting consecutive numbers

When you play a lottery with 5 winning numbers and you have to select till numbers 55, the total numbers should be between 104 and 176. Studies reveal that 75% of the lottery jackpots have the sum totals that usually fall within this range.

  • Choose numbers carefully

Make sure you don’t select a number that falls within the same group of numbers of ends with a same digit. Though there is a chance of winning the jackpot but the possibilities are rather low.

  • Watch out for uncommon games played at odd times

Try to not to run after lottery games that always declare a winner. Rather it is suggested that you try and explore other not-so-famous games. It is most likely that more people will run after the popular games and hence this will lower your chances of winning. You should play wisely and choose a less-popular game so that your odds of winning the game are higher.

  • Play games with less competition

If you play the lottery games that are less popular, this will also mean less competition. With fewer players, your chances of winning get higher. You can try less famous games like Eurojackpot, Suprenalotto and Superlotto Plus. Their jackpot amount might be lower than the popular ones but the odds of winning will get much higher.

  • Be cautious if you choose numbers from your birthdays

There are many who choose their lotto numbers based on the numbers of their birthdays or the birthdays of their family members. If this happens to be your habit, you’ll get more numbers that range between 1 and 31 as these are the calendar numbers. Here, if you are smart enough to choose numbers that are above 31, this might not boost your winning odds but it can enhance your probability of not having to share the prize money with anyone.

  • Every number has an equal chance of being chosen as a winner

When you’re playing the lottery, you have to keep in mind that every number of your lottery has an equal chance of being called the winning number. There is never any software or program that could anticipate the appropriate winning number. So, boost the chance of not having to divide the jackpot price by betting on a not-so-common number.

  • Choose the right games

There is a wide array of lottery games that you would start playing. On joining the national lottery draw, there is even a wider pool as against the state or local lottery. During a local lottery, you’ve got to be present there physically when the draw is done. The odds of winning a local lottery are much higher than that of a nationwide lottery.

So, if you have to win a lottery, you have to do your homework. Make a research on whether you’ve chosen the right set of numbers. Don’t be quick while picking numbers as the odds will not be in your favor. Even though you lose a few times, stick to the numbers as few days later, you might win. Above all, stay away from following the lotto fever as your chances of winning will be too little.

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